Singing Demonstration Today for Guantanamo Captives on the 100th Day of Their Hunger Strike

Join us in Times Square at today 5PM at a singing demonstration for justice for these brave men on the 100th day of their hunger strike against their inhumane and immoral indefinite detention by the United States government.


Strike for freedom. Strike for humanity. Strike up a light in the night of insanity.  When innocent men are dying in a cell. We gotta stand up. Tonight, rebel. Tell the powers that be we are not gonna sleep ’til the day when the innocent all walk free.

Our brother’s on a hunger, hunger strike.
Our brother’s on a hunger, hunger strike.
Can’t let them, let them, let them die.

If we do then we lose our dignity.
America stand up and sing with me.
Our brother’s on hunger, hunger strike.
Can’t let them, let them, let them die.

Sing with us on May Day!

Everybody Now! is a choir that you join as soon as you start to sing (or whisper or hum).  We aim to amplify the voice of direct action for social justice not just in loudness, but in beauty and in power.

On May Day, we will be sharing “We Stand For Justice” at the beginning of the rally at Union Square, and we would love to you to lift your voice and sing with us!

We invite you to join us for our rally meet-up and song share at 3:30 at the island on the SE corner of Union Square (14th St between Broadway and Lafayette, right across from the Duane Reade) and then sing with us in the rally at 4 pm.  Everybody is welcome!

Also, we will be singing and sharing other songs throughout the day.

May Day Schedule

12:00 Meet in Bryant Park for the Immigrant Worker Justice Tour
2:30  Songshare at the Free University at Cooper Union
3:30  Pre-rally meet-up at the SE corner of Union Square
4:00  Rally in Union Square
5:30  Singing together during the march!  (meet back up at the SE corner of Union Square after the rally)

We look forward to singing with you!

Life or Debt? You Are Not A Loan

Strike Debt, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, has called for a week of action around medical debt culminating on March 23rd. We’re getting ready by learning the “You Are Not A Loan” song, which is great for marching. Here’s  a video of our practice session.
LOAN / Life should not depend on what you / OWN / So everybody shout and make it / KNOWN / You are not a /
Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee initiative is preparing to make a big announcement— they have bought and abolished a large amount of medical debt. Though this will provide real relief to thousands of people who need it, it just a drop in the bucket in light of the 70 million people who still owe money on medical bills.

By buying and cancelling people’s medical debt, Strike Debt hopes to highlight the profound inhumanity and inequality of the American medical payment system, and to create a vision of a world where healthcare is truly treated as a right. Strike Debt demands the cancellation of all medical debts. Along with many doctors, they are demanding a radically transformed healthcare system based on everybody’s need for wellness and not the 1%’s desire for wealth.

Visit for more information. Stay tuned to our facebook page to hear about how some of us at Everybody Now! will be participating.