Everybody Now! is a social justice ­oriented, inclusive community of activists, singers, and activist-singers. To be a part of Everybody Now! all you have to do is start to sing (or chant, or whisper, or hum). We do not perform for others, we invite them to sing with us. Whenever we start singing, we are inviting you to sing along.

We aim to amplify the voices of people engaged in direct action for social justice, not just with volume, but with beauty and potency. We believe that singing together can be a radical act of manifesting the world we would like to live in: creating a harmoniously interdependent whole with only our voices and bodies, and beyond that, building and holding our collective power.


*We sing together, workshop new songs, and share music online.
We hold open space where we reach for new musical vocabularies that can strengthen and accentuate social justice direct actions. Some of us will bring these songs for singing and sharing to marches, protests, and other direct actions, but doing so is not a requirement for coming out to share, learn, and sing songs. Even coming out is not a requirement, which is why we share songs and how to sing and teach them on our website. We embrace the strength of simplicity and repetition, and we draw upon our diverse cultural traditions to create new songs which are simultaneously deep in resonance, rich in excellence, and easily accessible to all.

*We increase collective confidence around singing.

In the context of Everybody Now!, there is no proper sound or correct way to sing. Through skill shares, we empower each other to be bolder in singing, in listening, in harmonizing, and in writing/sharing melodies.

*We actively seek out collaboration with people planning direct actions, rallies, and marches that align with our values of equality, justice, and interdependence.

We prioritize respecting the intent of the organizers with whom we are working. We intend to never superimpose our voice or vision, but instead look for opportunities to sing that arise organically and/or are discussed with organizers prior to an event. We know that singing can feel liberating and energizing, but for many people it first feels vulnerable and awkward. We will do all we can to help others feel power in their singing. Sometimes this means we will just keep singing and singing until others feel comfortable enough to join in. We hope to create an exponentially growing ripple effect until nearly everyone at an action is singing­­ until nearly every action involves singing­­ until there is no need for a specific, radical, inclusive choir that sings of interdependence because that is just how the world is.